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2022-23 Sponsors

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Sponsor the arts.
Sponsor the community.

At Fenix Theatre, we believe the arts should be accessible to everyone. 

We’ve made it our mission the past 14 years to offer no-cost, live theatre performances to the Greater Portland Community, providing an opportunity for our audiences to connect with art and our shared culture in new ways. Each summer, over a thousand community members turn out to Deering Oaks Park to experience the beauty of live theatre in its original form. Last year, we welcomed audiences indoors for our first annual holiday production of Twelfth Night to rave reviews.

Arts organizations in Portland play a key role in the economic and societal development of Portland, but for many community members, the rising costs of these experiences have become inaccessible. The arts influence our shared culture, drive tourism & travel to our region, and increase economic investment. On a national level, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis showed that the arts industry contributes over $763 billion dollars to the US economy annually.


Fenix Theatre is the only professional performance arts organization in Greater Portland where admission has always been free — but producing a show is not.

The artists, craftspeople, designers, and crew that make our shows possible deserve and require a living wage for their time and investment in bringing the arts to life. Increasingly, these key contributors are being driven out of our community by rising housing and costs of living — the same contributors that helped put Portland on the map as a major travel and living destination in the US. The cost of a single production at Fenix Theatre can exceed $20,000. Meeting the rising costs of living and expenses requires strong partnership & support, from business leaders and community members like you.


We are on a mission to expand our offerings, to reach more of the underserved populations in our community, while providing more income opportunities to artists, craftspeople and crew, but we need your help. Our $50,000 fundraising goal for our 2023 season is small for many arts organizations, but for us, it will allow us to expand & deliver productions our community and company members alike can count on.

Your tax deductible sponsorship will earn you brand presence and awareness with our community. Show the Greater Portland community that you value the arts and that you share the Fenix belief that art should be accessible to all, regardless of ability to pay.

Together, we can make the arts accessible to all.

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