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Audition for The Tempest

Directed by Stacey Koloski

Auditions for The Tempest will be held Saturday, March 19 & Sunday, March 20 at Stages Youth Theater, 202 Woodford St, Portland, ME.

To schedule an audition or for any questions, please email and select your preferred date and a 30-minute audition block.


Auditions will consist of reading from sides provided at the audition.

In addition to reading, we are also very interested in learning more about your unique talents (masks? dance? puppets?) that could be part of the magic of what we plan to be an active, vibrant, interdisciplinary production.

Actors who are musical are especially encouraged to audition - and may play an instrument or sing a bit as part of the audition.

You do not have to be an experienced musician to be cast in the show, but you should be willing to participate in the musical moments of the show if asked to do so. 

The production will be July 7-30 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Rehearsals will begin in late April/early May.

You will be asked to list all possible conflicts at the time of audition.

Available roles are listed below - approximate character age ranges are indicated, and actors of all gender identities, races, and ethnic backgrounds will be considered for any role.

ARIEL (20+) - mischievous spirit of the island, Prospero's helper/servant
MIRANDA (20-ish) - Prospero's sheltered, curious, daughter
FERDINAND (25-ish) - Alonso's kind, naive son, heir to the Naples throne
CALIBAN (30+) - Son of an evil witch, serves (and is mistreated by) Prospero
ALONSO (50+) - King of Naples, shipwrecked on Prospero's island
SEBASTIAN (30+) - Alonso's younger brother
ANTONIO (30+) - Prospero's brother
GONZALO (30+) - Councilor to Prospero. Honest.
STEPHANO (25+) - Alonso's butler, funny, drunk most of the time
TRINCULO (25+) - A jester, comical, and also drunk for most of the play

(Please note, the role of PROSPERO has already been cast).

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